A young woman, crazy about life, climbs into a car with a young man. She is unsure about launching this adventure but his hiking stories, relayed hurriedly and exaggerated over the phone that evening, have calmed her fears. Experiencing the big wide world. Fresh air and swimming and trees. A man to guide her adventures. Could it be that this first thread that stitched them together was a prophesy of their future? Aspiring dancer and soon to be police officer. Who would have ever thought. How would God cause this story to meld with His heartbeat? Many years, many disagreements, angry words, tears. But I want my way! …Lord, may your will be done. And it was evening and it was morning, the first day.

Before we left for Temagami everything was tumultuous. Where what when how… why? Life. Future. Hopes and dreams. Reality. Confusion. When we came home life came crashing back in. But it crashed on by and when the culture shock subsided the peace remained. The assurance than no matter how far you fall and lost you get, how many wrong turns you take, God is there. God is there and he cares and his promises about working for good and a hope and a future and being love are real and they stand and fight for you. ‘Do not worry about anything.’ ‘Look at the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.’ ‘Jesus commands my destiny.’ These are not just words, they are true life abundant.

All those questions seem to have subsided in the peace that comes from knowing His voice and caring for nothing else. Jesus commands my destiny. Not me. I do not get to make those decisions anymore. I have surrendered. And now I’ve remembered that surrender. And now I feel safe. My future is in your hands Lord. Perhaps it looks nothing like what I have ever thought that it might, and I am totally ok with that because I trust you, I really do now.

The young couple are planning their future. Careers, a home, children. But God. He has woven these two together and, in doing so, changed them both forever. What was two is now one with one purpose, one future. That future looks different than it did when the one were two. She has reconciled herself to this and it is a joyful, hope infused light at the end of the long dark tunnel of becoming. She went on that first date because of his adventure stories and now that adventure is becoming their life. And that is perfectly alright. In fact, that is what she has always, secretly, hoped for.